Is online gaming a waste of time?

[youtube]-y8ds_bVbfg[/youtube][youtube]yw_huYoRpTg[/youtube][youtube]WcPuoySxvjI[/youtube]Is online gaming a waste of time??
I think online gaming is not a waste of time.I play alot of games,like Rakion,Gunbound,Maple Story,Justice Wars 2,DarkEden,Warcraft 3 R.O.C. and Warcraft 3 F.T.I feel that online gaming can help us make new friends and we can learn more words’ meaning that other people that is good in english or someone that in Polytechnic or Junior College or others.
I met alot of new friends and one of them that play Warcraft,D.O.T.A,with me has the same age as me.He got 245 marks in P.S.L.E. and he still play games.Online gaming also help us to have good ideas to do something or learn new skills.Some games are violent,but some games are not violent.To some people,violent games are fun to them and one of them is me.To some people,violent games are too violent to them and one of them is my mother.My mother told me that violent games make me violent.
Some games are a waste of time and to me,Maple Story is one of them.I like Rakion the best because I can find new friends and have plans to win the game.It makes me feel more creative.

I am a online gamer.I play online games on Friday,Saturday and Sunday.The game I played,Rakion,makes me violent.I think it is because I keep dying and my brother irritated me.I have fun sometimes because the other players talk very funny.My brother is a online gamer too,when they died,they always scold bad word.

Rakion is a strategic action game that shows powerful blows.There are 5 characters,Ninja,Archer,Mage,Swordman and Blacksmith.All of them have different skills,we need different strategy to use them.I want to recommend because I play this game the most.Alot of my friends do not know this game so I recommend this game.
is a free, three-dimensional, fantasy action online game developed by the South Korean company Softnyx. It was in a free “closed” beta testing from August 11 25 2005, in a limited group of countries (which included the United States, the UAE and at a later date, Europe).Now,I got to go.Going to play Rakion now!Or you are interested,go to to register and download the game.And play with me!  

[Rakion,chaos force]

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